340 Uluniu Street, Kailua, Hawaii 96734, United States

...a one of a kind farmers market in the heart of Kailua...

...a one of a kind farmers market in the heart of Kailua...

...a one of a kind farmers market in the heart of Kailua......a one of a kind farmers market in the heart of Kailua...

Mahalo to Midweek for featuring LKM


...because we care

For those of you that are unaware, we are offering a few FREE stalls each week for nonprofits that would like to raise awareness of the good work they are doing, and also local sports teams that are looking for a space to fundraise.

When we say we care, we absolutely mean it. Submit your request via the Contact tab.



In our Vendor Application, we ask potential vendors, "what does lōkahi mean to you?"  

We received this from one of our vendors and wanted to share it as it is a small taste of what we are trying to accomplish via the market. 

Mahalo to the awesome individual for sharing this. You brightened our day!


...save the date   9.1.19

The Warm Fuzzy Truth


My name is Michelle, and I am not a farmer. I have never run a farmers market before and apparently that is, understandably, problematic for some. I am ok with that & I respect people for speaking their truth.

What I am, is a lover of life, people, food, health, wellness, fitness, nature, art, innovation, diversity, tolerance, community, peanut butter, Kailua, Hawai’i, and the world at large.

I believe in the stars, and that we are all connected. I believe that we each have a gift & a kuleana to share our gifts in a positive way to uplift others. 

My primary objective behind this new chapter in life, is to serve as a voice and leader for people who like me, want to celebrate life & leave this place better than they found it for future generations. 


It is my hope that the Lōkahi Kailua Market will bring people together. People who want to, in essence, plant the seeds so we can grow a better tomorrow....


Mahalo for our beautiful signs! :) #lokahisundays



07.30.19                 Big mahalo to the awesome staff at Kailua Print Shop. Our banner turned out awesome! :)